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Color Changing LED


It was very clear at the 2008 edition of Light+Building in Frankfurt that colour changing LED lighting had arrived and was here to stay. No matter in what direction you looked, there were colour changing LEDs are virtually every booth and on offer from all manufacturers in some way shape or form. Since that time the initial excitement has subdued and the explosion of rainbow colours has been replaced by a more sophisticated approach to colour changing LED lighting. 

Color changing LED lights

Once the exclusive domain of theatre and performance lighting,
the incorporation of colour changing LEDs in architectural luminaires has meant that these same dramatic effects can now be applied to commercial projects. Whether illuminating the facade of a corporate headquarters,
the signature brand colour of a hotel or providing playful magic to a botanical garden, color changing LED lights enable lighting designers, architects and electrical engineers the possibility of colourful lighting effects with
the limitless options to change scenes and influence the night time appearance.

Professional lighting and colour changing LEDs

Many of the luminaires offered in the LIGMAN Lighting portfolio have the option of RGBW with DMX control. Whether bollards, underwater fittings, surface facade luminaires, ceiling luminaires, pendant lights, in-ground luminaires, pole mounted fittings, light columns, or street and area lighting – meaning that a standard lighting installation can still very much benefit from the flexibility and creativity of a colour changing LED lighting solution.

Take for example the LIGHTTALK recessed linear luminaires which can be installed in either the ceiling or in-ground against a wall to provide grazing light effects. Combining this with colour changing LED allows for a range of effects to be applied. One possibility could be a wave effect with
the colour changing LED undulating between red, orange and yellow along a hallway, producing an interesting effect on the wall and encouraging movement through the space.


This is one of but an unlimited list of possibilities when applying color changing LED lighting to your next project. Contact one of our colour lighting specialists to find out how colour changing LEDs can enhance your next installation. 

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Where were colour changing LEDs first used?

: Colour changing LED lights were first used in the theatre and on stage for performance lighting.

How can colour changing LEDs enhance an architectural project?
: Creating unique mood and atmospheric lighting, extending corporate branding and enhancing the night time appearance of an external installation. 
Which luminaires can provide colour changing LED light?

: Many luminaires fitted with LEDs are also available with RGBW LEDs plus DMX lighting controls for providing colour changing light.

What is an example of colour changing LED lighting in a practical application.

:  Linear LED wall washing with colour changing LED can produce a unique effect that encourages movement through a space and enhances the appearance of the area.