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Colour Changing Lights


Colour changing lighting opens a new realm of possibilities when it comes to facade and exterior illumination. In the past it was typically not feasible to include colour changing lighting in an architectural project do to the complexity of the equipment and nature of the technology.

Lamps traditionally used for facade illumination didn’t have the highest colour rendering ability and the heat from the lamps meant any filters used for colourful lighting would need to be very robust. Not to mention the mechanical means required for any kind of colour changing to take place, essentially ruling out any kind of performative lighting unless used in a specific context that demanded it.

Thanks to the advancements in LED lighting and colour changing technology, it is now easier and more affordable than ever before to incorporate colour changing lighting in a project, prestigious or otherwise.

Celebrate with colour changing lights

Most of us would be familiar with the colour changing lights and colourful displays at festive events and celebrations. Thanks to the ease with which colour changing lights can be integrated into a lighting project, facility for colour changing during cultural celebrations can readily be accommodated and easily planned as part of annual festivities.


The Abu Dhabi City Municipality colour changing facade lighting is one prominent example of this. Achieved through an array of QUANTUM floodlights and projectors, the entire facade can be evenly illuminated in a range of colours to suit various events and occasions. An example of this is when hosting dignitaries from various nations and the ability to illuminate the facade in the colours of the respective countries flag.

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