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Facade lighting plays a number of important roles. Facade lighting gives a cities night scape an atmosphere beyond what the street lighting is able to provide. Facade lighting enables buildings and architectural monuments to be seen at night, in a much different light, that what they are seen during the day. Facade lighting also makes it possible to communicate a message, support a culture and evoke an emotional response in those around who can see it.

Colour changing lighting in many ways originated in the theatre and entertainment venues. Playing with perception, creating different moods and atmospheres owe a lot to the performative nature of colour changing lighting. So when the world of architectural lighting started to employ many of these techniques for facade lighting, it should not be a surprise that the very locations where colourful lighting was pioneered, that they would be the ones
to continue in this long tradition.

Lighting for culture and communication

The Caudan Arts Centre is a landmark arts and conference venue in Mauritius. Located at the Port-Louis waterfront and part of Le Caudan Waterfront,
It is a hub for music, art, food, dialogue and conferences. The motto of the Arts Centre is – Creativity for All – aspiring to be a location that brings together creative and innovative minds, and allowing all members of the community to engage with art and performance in all its diverse forms, including plays, concerts and related public art and cultural events.

Though the main body of the building is lit up like a lantern in the evening, glowing from the inside like a beacon of light on the waterfront, the roof top facade of the building communicate the vibrant nature of this cultural complex with colour changing QUANTUM floodlights and projectors. As the highest point of the building and most visible from neighbouring areas, the dynamic facade lighting is able to communicate when the arts centre is hosting
a performance, during cultural celebrations, or to mark significant occasions in the town. Allowing the facade lighting to go beyond simply illuminating
the architecture, and allowing the building to speak to the wider community and share the message of the arts centre that creativity is for everyone.

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