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Facade Lighting USA


When it comes to facade lighting and applications of advanced LED lighting technology, we immediately think of skyscrapers or dramatic feats of architecture featuring dynamic presentations and showcases
of the latest in lighting technology. But not every project is aiming to achieve international acclaim, many developments are practical buildings that simply have to meet a need and serve the communities
in which they are built.

High quality practical solutions

The majority of public projects do not have the budgets to get on the front page of architectural magazines and win awards, however that does not mean they have to compromise when it comes to quality of design and specification of products.

Take for example the Pasco Police Department in Washington USA, the understated and almost utilitarian architecture is to be as recognisable during
the night as it is during the day. The facade lighting should support the identity of the building and not distract from its purpose.

Facade lighting for everyday projects

Utilising the KIOS in-ground uplight, a respectful and practically seamless facade lighting solution is achieved. The KIOS is a sophisticated and expansive family of in-ground uplights, available with single or twin lamp versions, white LED or RGBW with DMX/RDM lighting control, and ten different beam angles to select from.

Pasco Police Dept, USA

In-ground luminaires

Luxury is something exclusive, however quality is something that we all deserve. Facade lighting is something that all projects can embrace.
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What's DMX/RDM?

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