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How to Choose the Best Colour Changing LED Lights


Selecting the best colour changing LED lights will ultimately be determined by what solution is required by a project – in other words, choosing the best tool for the job. Understanding the needs of a project and what the intended outcome is will allow lighting designers, as well as architects and electrical engineers, to decide what the best colour changing LED lights are for a specific situation. But first we need to understand what colour changing LED lights are.

What are Colour Changing LED Lights?

Colour changing LED lights are, as the name suggests, LED luminaires with the ability to change colours. This is achieved through clusters of LED modules in three specific colours – Red, Green, and Blue, typically expressed as RGB – which enable the creation of most colours within the visible light spectrum. 
The level of colour changing possible from the LED lights will depend on the control gear integrated within or included with the fitting. This device, or driver, provides functionality for the colour changing LED light to cycle through colours on a predetermined program, manually change from an external controller – which could be either hardware or software based, or a combination of the two, whereby the lighting system alternates between an automated switching cycle and is overridden as required. 

How to choose the best Colour Changing LED Lights?

As previously mentioned, choosing the best colour changing LED lights will depend on the desired outcome or solution for a lighting installation. What is the best solution in one situation may not necessarily be ideal in other circumstances. 
The best colour changing LED lights for illuminating the facade of a multi-storey building probably won’t be the same as the best colour changing LED lights for a private villa. Likewise the best colour changing LED lights for multifunctional public open space, are unlikely to be the same as the best colour changing LED lights for the boardroom of an office. 
Knowing and understanding the needs of your project is the right path to choosing the best colour changing LED lights. If you’re unsure what your project needs or what the different options you have available to you, we recommend contacting one of our COLOR Lighting by LIGMAN specialists who can help you choose the best colour changing LED lights for your next project. 
For more inspiration please go to our project gallery. 

Professional lighting and Colour Changing LED


: Assessing the requirements of the project, such as interior, exterior, whether decorative or technical, as well as size and location, plus multiple other factors, will assist in determining what the best colour changing LED lights are for your project. 

: Colour changing LED lights are luminaires with the functionality to change colours, whether by an automated process or manual control, which can be both hardware or software controlled. 

: Depending on the needs of your project, the size and shape of the luminaire, beam angle, lumen package or how powerful the output is, and of course the cost.