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LED Color Changing Lights Australia


LED Color Changing Lights can add a subtle touch of vibrancy to any lighting project. When LED color changing lighting was first introduced, many designers cringed at the amount of color that was carelessly applied to any and every unlit surface. Thankfully skilled designers and experienced lighting practitioners have shown us that not all LED color changing lighting has to be gaudy and over the top.

Subtle LED Color Changing Lighting

West Gippsland Arts Centre in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is is an example of how LED color changing lighting can be used to great effect without over lighting or flooding an area with colorful light.

West Gippsland Arts Centre has been servicing the Gippsland community since July 1982 and enjoys pride of place in the beautifully landscaped Civic Precinct, making it the region’s major performing arts, cultural and community centre catering to
a wide variety of events, meetings, conferences and festivals.

In 2012 the Baw Baw Shire Council invested $14.1 million dollars into the redevelopment of the West Gippsland Arts Centre, at the time the largest project ever undertaken by the district.

Exceeding expectations with LED Color Changing Lighting

It wouldn’t have been a surprise if the project team decided to apply LED color changing lighting to the entire arts centre. It is after all an event location and wouldn’t be out of place for such a solution to be applied. However in this case the facade lighting and building interior was left to be illuminated in a more traditional way.

Recessed luminaires

Efficient quality linear fixture portfolio.
Coordinated wall or ceiling recessed range
with multiple optics and component options.


LIGHTALK linear recessed RGBW LED color changing lights were utilised, but in this case they were installed in the low level planters of the landscape, allowing them to bathe the floor in subtle coloured light. This playful application of LED color changing lighting adds an element of surprise when approaching the building and arts centre. We typically expect to see vertical surfaces washed in color changing light, but illuminating the path in LED color changing light, we have a contemporary interpretation of the yellow brick road, inviting visitors and guests to the arts centre.

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