This is LIGMAN's dedicated web site for Color lighting solutions. For all lighting solutions, please visit: – New website launch


We are pleased to announce our COLOR Lighting by LIGMAN website as a dedicated resource for all things colour related in the LIGMAN range of products, projects and services. 

Once the exclusive domain of theatre and performance lighting, advancements in LED and lighting control technology have given architects, lighting engineers and designers a seemingly endless palette of possibilities when it comes to coloured lighting.

Whether its dynamic facade lighting solutions, integrated festive and event lighting, creating atmospheric spaces, or for branding purposes, the RGBW LED and DMX/RDM options available can be individually catered to the scope and budget of each project.  

COLOR Lighting by LIGMAN enables you to focus on products that fulfil your dynamic lighting needs, and where you can gain the necessary insight and support from our dedicated team of specialists for your particular project requirements.

This blog will be regularly updated with news about chromatic lighting solutions, however you can already browse our current offerings, existing projects and history with dynamic lighting technology throughout the site now. 

We look forward to servicing your colourful lighting needs and provide you with awe inspiring lighting solutions.