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STICK-KE2 (Smart Touch Sensitive Intelligent Control Keypad) is a wall-mounted touch-sensitive DMX2014 lighting controller with 200 scenes and 5 zones. 

This truly simple controller features an on/off button at the top, 8 buttons to choose from up to 200 lighting scenes (25×8), 2 buttons to cycle between pages and a horizontal fader to instantly adjust dimmer, speed and color. Along with a state of the art design, the product comes with amazing features such as 1024 DMX channels, touch sensitive panel, clock/calendar, Ethernet facilities, and much more The lighting levels, color and effects can be programmed from 
a PC, Mac, Android, iPad or iPhone using the included software.

Lighting scenes can be programmed quickly and easily through ESA2 & ESAPRO2 software via USB or Ethernet connection and mobile applications.
In addition to live control, scenes can be triggered through calendar/time clock and remote smartphone/tablet software.


• 8 touch sensitive scene buttons
• Color/dimmer/speed fader
• Touch sensitive buttons. No mechanical parts
• Touch sensitive fader allows for accurate color selection
• Multi-zone microSD memory
• Multi-room control with 200 scenes, 5 zones
• 1024 DMX channels. Control 340 RGB fixtures

• USB & Ethernet connectivity for programming and control
• RS232 and Dry Contact Ports
• Clock and calendar with Sunrise/Sunset triggering
• Network communication. Control lighting remotely
• Windows/Mac software to set dynamic colors/effects
• iPhone/iPad/Android remote and programming apps

Programming, triggering, integration and more....

Simple use with USB

Using the «plug and play» USB connection is the most simple way to program the STICK controller: connect the device, start the programming software, create the show and finally press the «write memory» button to save the show into the stand alone memory. 


Most of the applications will use USB and DMX512 connections only, but the most demanding of our customers will also be able to interface additional devices through various connections: contact closures, UDP/TCP, RS232.

Network synchronization

The Ethernet connections of the STICK-KE2 offer the possibility to interconnect several STICK controllers for multi-room installations and direct control via a cable or wireless network using a computer or a smartphone. How does it work?

  • A single ESA Pro shoe/document is used. This includes all DMX fixtures and areas.
  • Multiple STICKs can be added in the Stand-Alone window. A different combination of scenes and areas can be assigned to each STICK.
  • Each STICK controller’s memory is written simultaneously using its name and IP address over the local network.
  • Matching areas are synchronized between the STICKs. It is also possible to disable the synchronization of an area if required.