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Outdoor Color Changing LED Lights


Unless the decision is made to utilise coloured filters on outdoor lighting, and having them remain a fixed colour, the prospect of outdoor colour lighting was rarely considered. Which is why until recently outdoor colour changing LED lighting was not even an option for lighting designers, architects or electrical engineers who wanted to do something dramatic with outdoor lighting. 

Now that outdoor color changing LED lights are a reality, it is possible to plan and design an installation which includes a component of colour changing. 

LIGMAN Lighting Outdoor Color Changing LED Lights

A number of LIGMAN Lighting’s range of outdoor luminaires has the option of RGBW with DMX control for colour changing, dimming and dynamic lighting effects. Recessed fittings such as LIGHTTALK, surface facade luminaires including ALDO, AURORA, and JET; or ceiling fittings such as LADOR and ODESSA. Not only are
these luminaires modern in appearance and effective in their white light distribution, their ability to colour change opens a whole new realm of possibilities. 

Surface Mounted Outdoor Color Changing LED Lights

LADOR surface mounted ceiling downlights for example are available in four compact sizes, each corresponding with
 the number of LEDs and their power requirements. With a range of beam distribution angles including elliptical, narrow, medium, wide and very wide, the pallet of creative possibilities is clearly apparent.

Having the option of RGBW for the LADOR outdoor surface mounted downlight, makes an already versatile downlight even more useful. Take for example an outdoor under cover area that is illuminated by a grid of LADOR surface mounted downlights. During the day and when not in use, the aesthetic impression provided by these fittings is of a uniform
grid of downlights.

However when engaged the outdoor colour changing LED light can produce a variety of unique effects, transforming a uniformly lit area into a dynamic environment. 

A Tale of Two Sippys

If you would like to know more about the potential of outdoor colour changing LED lights, please contact our team of specialists who can assist with all of your dynamic lighting needs. 

Why would outdoor color changing lighting be implemented?

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What does a luminaire need in order to provide outdoor colour changing LED lighting?

: In addition to the typical outdoor lighting requirements such as a good IP rating, outdoor colour changing LED lighting requires RGBW LEDs and DMX or DMX/RDM lighting control. 

What else are outdoor colour changing LED lights capable of doing?
: Whether pre-programmed or specifically tailored, outdoor colour changing LED lights can also vary in intensity and react to connected sensors. 
Which luminaires are suitable for outdoor color changing LED lighting?

: Please refer to our dedicated colour lighting catalogue for a full range of outdoor colour changing LED lights.

I have a specific outdoor color changing LED lighting request, who can I speak with about this?

: Please contact our dedicated team of colour lighting specialists for your project specific requests, we are happy to answer your questions and provide any necessary assistance.