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Outdoor Color Changing Lights


Many of us have fond memories of catenary wire lighting from our childhood and festive events, with strings of lamps suspended overhead to light up the night sky. Sometimes the lamps might even have been colourful, with painted incandescent lamps or lamp-shades to produce patterns and effects. In rare cases there may have been
a mechanical wheel or device which enabled the outdoor light to change colours, however for the most part
the lighting was static.

With the advent and introduction of outdoor colour changing lights through LED technology, it is now possible
for the night lighting to come to life, creating a myriad of moods and atmospheres.

Outdoor Color Changing Lights

Technology that was once exclusive to the realm of performance and stage lighting has made its way to the world of commercial, residential and architectural lighting. DMX lighting control protocol gives end users ultimate control over their lighting, enabling the creation of lighting scenes
to suit all occasions. 

The range of RGBW outdoor lighting from LIGMAN means that it is not only possible to illuminate building facades, landscaped gardens and outdoor areas, but now the colour of lighting can be fine tuned and changed to suit any specific scenario or event. 

Area Lighting with a Color Changing Twist

Take for example the ODESSA Tapered-column projectors. Already a very contemporary area lighting solution with spiral clusters of projectors mounted to a tapered pole. A white LED solution can produce a unique pattern of light throughout the area through the combination of beam angles and direction of aiming. However with the introduction of outdoor color changing lights, this already interesting application can go to the next level through the use of colour changing RGBW lighting.

The possibilities of outdoor color changing lights are practically endless. Whether it is providing a splash of colour at various points during the evening,
or producing a kaleidoscope of changing colours on the weekend or during festive events, outdoor color changing lights can add an element of dynamic realism during the night that is only rivalled by the natural colours produced by the sun during the day.

How does DMX work?​

Let's find out more about the DMX system.​


What kind of luminaires allow for outdoor colour changing light?

: RGBW LED luminaires have the facility to change colours and can provide outdoor colour changing light.

What equipment is needed for outdoor colour changing light?
: A lighting control protocol such as DMX is needed for programming the installation to change colours.
Why would outdoor color changing lighting be implemented?

: Outdoor color changing lighting can create unique moods and atmospheres.

What is the advantage of RGBW LEDs lighting over traditional sources for colour changing?

: RGBW LEDs can change colour through dimming of each of the modules, superseding the need for coloured filters or moving parts to change colours.