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Pool Lighting – How To Change The Color Of Your Pool With Lights


Pool Lighting – How To Change The Colour Of Your Pool With Lights

Now that colour changing lighting solutions, in particular those utilising RGBW LED luminaires, are more affordable and readily available to both consumers and professionals, it is possible to apply them to almost any situation. Including pool lighting!

Why change the colour of your pool with lights?

The first question you may be asking is why would you want to change the colour of your pool with lights? There are a number of benefits that can be experienced from the addition of colour changing lights to a pool.

The most obvious would be changing the ambience of the pool and pool environment. Colourful lighting can influence the mood and create different atmospheres in the pool area. This can also be applied to special events and celebrations, making use of the decorative element of colourful pool lighting.

Two less obvious reasons are the aspects of safety and energy efficiency. Pool lighting enables the area to be used as night, creating a safe environment that though most useful during the day can now be enjoyed in the evenings. The RGBW LED lighting that enables the majority of colour change lighting is also by its nature more efficient than traditional sources. So there is an immediate energy saving when using colour changing lighting to your pool than the conventional alternative.

How to change the colour of your pool with lights?

There are a number of ways you can change the colour of your pool with lights, whether it is from within the pool itself through the use of underwater luminaires, or with colour changing lighting throughout the pool area and surrounding environment. 

LIGMAN have a number of underwater luminaires that have the capability of changing colour, enabling you to select the colour of light within the pool and even apply a dynamic lighting animation within the pool. 

With the addition of a lighting control system, you can also create scenes, automatically control when the lights engage or change colour, and create custom lighting environments for different occasions.

Visit LIGMAN’s dedicated LIGMAN COLOR website to find out more about colour lighting and how your can change the colour of your pool with lights.

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Q: Why change the colour of your pool with lights?

A: Changing the colour of your pool with lights is a versatile way to create different moods and atmospheres in your pool area. As well as benefit from the other advantages that LED luminaires provide, such as energy saving and lighting control. 

Q: How can you change the colour of your pool with lights?

A: Through the use of RGBW LED luminaires installed either in the pool itself – underwater – or in the pool area to create a dynamic colourful environment. 

Q: What colour changing underwater luminaires are available from LIGMAN?

A: BORNHOLMFUNEN, and OREGON are the three families of underwater fittings with colour changing abilities.