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Colour changing and vibrant saturated lighting is synonymous with RGB LED, which is probably why many people are surprised to hear that traditional environments like offices and education facilities are also utilising RGB LED lighting in their developments.

Since the days of Newton and Goethe there have been many theories about the physiological benefits and psychological impacts of colour, over time these have proven to be true and continue to be utilised in interior design, advertising, and alternative medicine practices. With the availability of RGB LED lighting it is now possible to change the colour of a space with the click of a button, which is much quicker and easier than having to repaint surfaces and redecorate a room.

So how can this technology benefit a place like a higher education institution?

RGB LED at Monash University

Australia’s Monash University has a number of international campuses including Monash University Malaysia. Located in Bandar Sunway, Kuala Lumpur and established in 1998, Monash University Malaysia is the third largest campus of Australia’s largest university and the first foreign university campus
in Malaysia.

Throughout the campus in many of the teaching spaces, the general area lighting is provided by MALMO recessed ceiling luminaires and PITTSFIELD pendent light fittings. Both of these interior luminaires make use of RGB technology with full RBGW facility which provides not only true colour correlated temperature white light, but also saturated colours to flavour the light throughout the day and at specific times for a change in atmosphere.

RGB and Tunable White

Adding colour to a space through the use of RGB LED is a welcome luxury for interior spaces that need to add something more dynamic to the environment. What MALMO recessed ceiling luminaires and PITTSFIELD pendent luminaires also offer that is a game changer is tunable white technology.

Anyone familiar with the dynamic nature of natural daylight will have observed how the colour of light changes throughout the day. The fluctuation of cool and warm tones, as well of course as the brightness and intensity, is important for our circadian rhythms and what our brains expect from our external environment. Tunable white technology enables this effect to be simulated within the interior spaces, allowing the artificial light to fluctuate throughout
the day and if desired mimic what is taking place outside. As sophisticated as our brains may be, the primitive mammal can easily be tricked into believing
we are in a natural environment, improving our mood and allowing us to feel less disconnected from nature.

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What benefits can RGB LED and Tunable White lighting provide?

: RGB LED and Tunable White lighting enables the dynamic simulation of natural light within interior spaces, mimicking the fluctuations in colour throughout the day.

Why would RGB LED be needed in an interior space such as an office or university?
: RGB LED can provide dynamic lighting which is proven to benefit our natural circadian rhythms and improve general health.
Where can I learn more about RGB LED Lighting Technology?

: To learn more about RGB LED Lighting Technology, contact the dedicated team of specialists at LIGMAN COLOR who can assist with all your RGB LEG colour lighting needs.