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Hotels are a transitionary place, we stay there when travelling and when away from home. As a static location that is a constant witness to the changing visitors they are an ideal location for the application of RGB LED lighting.

RGB LED and Hotel Lighting

Due to their varied nature, hotels offer a number of possibilities when it comes to the use of RGB LED lighting. There is the exterior of the building, facade as seen from afar and entrance as visitors approach.
The foyer and lounge area that welcomes guests to their temporary home away from home. The many corridors linking the various rooms, and the dining area for breakfast and sometimes coffee and light meals throughout the day. Already we can see
the possibilities present themselves for where RGB LED lighting can add new layers of interest, fascination, and vibrancy to the hotel environment.

RGB LED for Hotel Facade Lighting

RGB LED is the obvious choice when it comes to hotel facade lighting. The ability to project the hotel brand colours on to the building facade is easily achieved through RGB LED. It also opens up the possibility of changing colours during special occasions, when hosting various events, or celebrating cultural holidays.

Examples of fittings from the LIGMAN COLOR catalogue include:


RGB LED in the Foyer and Hotel Entrance

The foyer and hotel entrance is the busiest part of the hotel. From dawn until dusk and throughout the night, visitors and hotel workers will be passing through this space. Adding colour to this environment through the use of RGB LED light fittings enables the lighting to reflect this dynamic atmosphere and respond to the movement in the space.

Examples of fittings from the LIGMAN COLOR catalogue include: 


RGB LED in each Hotel Room

Imagine being able to change the atmosphere in a generic hotel room to suit the individual needs of the variety of guests who stay throughout the year. Though most hotels offer the possibility to dim the lighting in the space, the addition of RGB LED colour changing lights means that each person who stays in the room can adjust the colour of the lighting to their own specific requirements.

Examples of fittings from the LIGMAN COLOR catalogue include: 


To learn more about the possibilities of RGB LED lighting in relationship to Hotel Lighting, visit the dedicated LIGMAN COLOR page to answer any questions that you may have:

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: Hotels are places of transition and movement, the dynamic nature of RGB LED colour changing lighting can support this aspect of hotels.

: Facade lighting with RGB LED colour changing lights is a typical application of this technology.

: Providing RGB LED colour changing lights in hotel rooms enables hotel guests to customise the lighting atmosphere to their individual needs.