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RGB LED Lighting India


As global populations continue to grow and employment is increasingly centred around the service industry, more and more of us are living in concentrated urban centres rather than traditional regional towns. Public open spaces have become an important part of this rapid change and with
it the growth in lighting to public open spaces.

RGB LED Lighting to Public Open Spaces

With more people living in multi residential developments and city centres becoming more densely populated, all of these people need places outside of their living quarters. Public open spaces are part of urban planning and are seen as a necessity for a healthy city and society.

Now that RGB LED lighting is so readily available and gradually replacing traditional lamp sources in the public realm, the advantages of RGB LED lighting can be taken on by city master planners, local councils, landscape architects, and urban developers wishing to add something different to their projects.

How to bring RGB LED Lighting to Urban Centres

There are many luminaires in the LIGMAN exterior lighting catalogue that can introduce RGB LED lighting to the public open realm. Two prominent examples are LADOR and ODESSA which are available in a spiral cluster column (or unique tapered column) which not only provides illumination to
the space, but is also an interesting and unique piece of urban lighting furniture in the public open space.

Cluster column projectors

Column projectors

Tapered-column projectors

It can be easy to forget but is important to remember that pole mounted luminaires will be seen as much during the day as they will at night, so it is worth selecting fittings that are as aesthetically pleasing when not in use as when they are providing light at night.

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Why would RGB LED lighting be used in public realm lighting?

: RGB LED lighting allowing colour changing and elements of playfulness to be introduced to the public realm at night.

How can town planners, landscape architects and policy deciders, make public realm lighting more interesting for the increasing urban populations?
: RGB LED lighting is an effective way of differentiating public spaces and making them more interesting for residents in the night.
Are there RGB LED lights for use in the public realm that are also aesthetically pleasing?

: The exterior RGB LED lights in LIGMAN’S exterior range recognise the importance of the daytime appearance, and have a numerous options to suit the surrounding environment.