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RGB LED Lights India


Resorts like their siblings hotels are ideal locations for the application of RBG LED lights. Whilst hotels are typically transitionary locations during travel, resorts offer something more as destinations in themselves, providing an escape from the everyday and creating an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation.

  Radhe Upavan Resort, India

RGB LED Resort Lighting

Resorts have a number of elements in common with hotels that offer opportunities for RGB LED lighting, such as illuminating the exterior facade, providing a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere in the foyer and entrance, as well as giving guests some control over their room environment by offering local
lighting control.

Where resorts typically differ from hotels is through the supplementary services that they offer. Resorts commonly have swimming pools and relaxation areas, there may also be a wellness area that offers massages and different healing treatments. The bar and restaurant may also offer more than a usual hotel, as people tend to spend more time in a resort and therefore have different expectations of what is on offer.

RGB LED Lighting for Resort Swimming Pools

A resort wouldn’t be able to live up to its name without a swimming pool and area for relaxation. Lighting has always played an important role in influencing our mood and making us feel relaxed, adding RGB LED lights to such areas opens new possibilities for different atmospheres and a feeling of fantasy when spending time in these ideal locations.

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RGB LED Lighting to Wellness Areas

One of the first things that we unconsciously recognise when entering a space is the quality of the lighting. Whether it is too bright, to dark,
if there is uncomfortable glare, all of which impact our mood and general state of well being. For this reason extra care should be taken when lighting wellness and relaxation areas for visitors to truly feel comfortable in these environments. The introduction of RGB LED lights to this niche allows the healing and relaxing effects of colourful light to play a role in the relaxed atmosphere that has been created.

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Why are hotels ideally suited to the application of RGB LED colour changing lighting?

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Why is a resort suited to RGB LED Lighting?

: Resorts are places of relaxation and escape. RGB LED lighting can create atmospheres of fantasy and luxury that complement places
like Hotel Resorts.

Where can RGB LED lights be used in a resort?
: Resorts are destinations in themselves where people spend time to relax. Swimming pools and wellness areas are common features of resorts and lend themselves to the application of RGB LED lighting.
What benefit does RGB LED lighting lend to a wellness area?

: There are proven benefits to the healing and relaxing nature of colour changing lighting, which is why RGB LED lighting is commonly used in
wellness areas.