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The addition of a white LED to the now traditional RGB LED cluster creates an extended range of colour combinations, in addition to increased brightness and overall colour saturation that was previously not possible in the one package.

Whilst RGB LED lighting was able to provide architectural installations with saturated colour and the possibility of dynamic colour changing effects – there was always the shortcoming when it came to white light. Although mixing red, green, and blue light produces a kind of white light, it cannot compare to
the colour correlated temperate white light that we have become accustomed to and expect from our lighting installations.

Benefit of RGB with the brightness of White LED

Introducing the white LED to the RGB cluster opens up new areas where dynamic colour changing lighting can be utilised. Until recently architects and lighting designers had to choose if their installation was going to have crisp intense white light, or versatility of RGB colour changing at the expense
of white light quality. Thanks to RGBW technology, this decision no longer needs to be made. Installations that require a consistent quality of white LED lighting, but would also benefit from the option of RGB for special occasions, can take advantage of RGBW LED lighting that provides the best of both worlds.

Uses of RGBW beyond aesthetics

In most circumstances it might be difficult to imagine why an area with white light for most of the time would need to have the option of RGBW. Coloured lighting is an effective way of communicating a message or creating an atmosphere. With RBGW it is possible to have consistent white light for the majority of the time, but then introduce colour for evacuation purposes or emergency situations, but also to flavour the white light for different times of the day
to reflect your mood.

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