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It is impossible to speak about dynamic lighting without mentioning RGBW LED’s particularly in the context of architectural lighting. Before RGBW LED’s became affordable and commercially available, vibrant colour changing lighting was something only seen in the entertainment industry. Not only was the equipment expensive and in most cases manually operated, it wasn’t designed for use in architectural applications. However now that RGBW LED’s are readily available, there are seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to the use of colourful lighting.

Red, Green, Blue, and White LEDs

For the uninitiated, RGBW LED’s at their most basic produce Red, Green, Blue and White light. This combination of colours follows the theory of additive colour mixing whereby practically all colours can be produced by a combination of these three primary colours. This theory has always held true and has been utilised on stages throughout history. The advantage of LED’s being that rather than needing large light fittings with elaborate machinery for changing colour filters, RGBW LED’s are incredibly small and can even fit in areas that traditional lamp types are not able to.

Dynamic Lighting with RGBW LED

The growing range of luminaires from LIGMAN which incorporate RGBW LED lamp sources mean that incorporating vibrant dynamic lighting into your projects is now easier than ever. Whether it be Under Water Luminaires, Ceiling Mounted Fixtures, In-Ground Luminaires, Light Columns or Street and Area Lighting Luminaires. There is no need to compromise the performance of a light fitting when considering the application of RGBW, since many of the RGBW LED’s are the very same luminaires that are engineered for precision white light applications. The addition of RGBW opens up a realm of new possibilities when designing areas that need something extra that can be brought through a splash of colour. 

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What are RGBW LED’s?

: Red, Green, Blue, and White Light Emitting Diodes.

Why is the RGBW combination used?
: Red, Green, Blue additive colour mixing can produce the majority of colours within the visible spectrum. 
What benefits do RGBW LED’s afford?

: Incorporating RGBW LED’s enables you to provide a range of colours to specific project applications. 

Are there limitations to which lighting applications have RGBW LED capabilities?

: The growing range of RGBW LED’s from LIGMAN mean that you will rarely have to compromise when wanting to include dynamic lighting in your next project.