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Paris has historically been known as the city of lights, however another city that has claim to this name is Las Vegas Valley in the United States, because
as viewed from space it is the brightest city on Earth. Built on and synonymous with neon lighting, Las Vegas virtually turned night to day with the sheer amount of lighting and neon signage that lined the streets of this desert oasis.

With the rising cost of electricity, as well as maintenance of old technology, traditional sources of vibrant colourful lighting are being replaced with RGBW LED alternatives that are energy efficient, economically viable and simply last longer.

Continuous RGBW Lighting – Modern Neon Replacement

Appropriately named NEON the continuous LED product captures the charm of traditional neon lighting without the inherent technical limitations of
the technology. One advantage that NEON offers over its counterpart is the ability to change colours.

By utilising RGBW lighting technology, the continuos strips of LED which appear like traditional neon lighting can be controlled by DMX/RDM technology, enabling them to dim, change colour, cycle through colours, and with the addition of the white LED in RGBW, produce a true white colour temperature rather than a substitute from mixing Red, Green and Blue light together.

Red, Green, Blue, and White Light

RGBW takes an already versatile product like LED RGB lighting and adds an additional white module to the fitting, enabling it to produce a true white light. This means that it is not only possible to produce saturated red, green, blue and colour mixes from the RGB LED’s, but now we can introduce a true colour correlated temperature that matches a specific tone, such as warm white (2700°K), neutral white (4000°K) or cool white (6500°K) light.

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