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Why Color Change LED Lights Are The Fastest Growing Trend In Lighting


The field of lighting has seen many trends over the years, and colour changing LED lights are the fastest growing trend in lighting. What is it about colour changing LED’s and why are colour change LED lights the fastest growing trend in lighting?

Flexibility that Colour Change LED Lighting Provides

What started with facade lighting adopting techniques from stage and theatre lighting, and continued to atriums and other large spaces, has now made its way to smaller environments and spaces where colour change LED lighting would never have been considered. Now that RGB lighting is affordable and readily available, the creative possibilities that colour change LED lighting offer can be applied to any space, no matter the size or budget. 

Integration within Architectural Light Fittings

Now that colour change LED lights are more powerful and efficient, they are being integrated in luminaires where colour change LED lights may not have previously been considered. Or in other cases too expensive or difficult to include. With the integration of colour change LED lights in typical architectural luminaires, like downlights and wall mounted fittings, it is easier to understand why colour change LED lights are the fastest growing trend in lighting.

No longer have to choose
For many years a choice had to be made by architects, engineers and lighting designers, whether a light fitting was to be a colour change LED light fitting or one that provided functional white light. With the growth in RGBW luminaires and the option of including RGB within many downlights, wall mounted fittings, or similar functional luminaires, it is much easier to include colour change LED lighting without compromising their performance.

This means areas such as hotel corridors, entrance lobbies, and even office boardrooms can include an element of colour change LED lighting as part of their design, whilst still meeting all the functional lighting requirements that are required for the space.

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Q: Will I have to compromise the functional lighting to include colour change LED lighting?

A: Many functional luminaires now have the facility to include a component of RGBW lighting within them, enabling the use of colour change lighting without compromising the functional white light. 

Q: Why is colour change LED lighting the fastest growing trend in lighting?

A: Colour change LED lighting is becoming more affordable and readily available in all areas of illumination, making it the fastest growing trend in lighting.

Q: What do I need to look out for in a colour change LED light fitting?

A: If a luminaire such as a downlight has the option of RGBW as the source, then this fitting is recognisable as a colour change LED luminaire.