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What is the maximum distance that the controller can be from the furthest luminaire?

The Nicolaudi controller can control at max. distance of 300 m.
The Pharos controller can control at max. distance of 300 m. 

How many luminaires can be connected in a single loop?

DMX standard is 32 luminaires, however an optional accessory is available to increase the number of luminaires and boost the signal strength.

What type of signal cable is used?

Our signal cable is a DMX system standard type. The cable resistance is not under 120 ohms and is complete with protective shield.

What is the IP rating of the connector and what is its current rating?

IP67-IP68 and max. 10A.

Can we connect luminaires which are not RGBW with DMX512?

Yes, but it will be a special case. So please contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.