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Advancements in LED and lighting control technology have given architects, lighting engineers and designers a seemingly never ending palette of possibilities when it comes to coloured lighting solutions. 

With this increase in creative potential has come the daunting task of selecting the right equipment and ensuring it is correctly installed.
Which is why our dedicated team of specialists at COLOR Lighting by LIGMAN is available to provide any necessary insight and support required by your next dynamic lighting project.

① Information required to propose solution

  • Specification of luminaire
  • Quantity of luminaire
  • AutoCAD file or Manual sketch: 
    – Installation area
    – Luminaire position and spacing (If it’s a replacement case)
  • Lighting calculation report
  • Information about room for keep the controller

② Advance plan at construction stage

  • Check the information provided
  • BoQ (Quantity, spacing , controller, accessory)
  • Testing
  • Shipping and consulting

③ Service we offer

Prepare comprehensive bill of quantities (BoQ) with all items and accessories, inclusive of price list specific to the region where contract will be carried out. Unless otherwise requested, this will be based on a preliminary in house proposal coordinated with our technical and IoT team.
Concept development and design consultation can also be provided should you require support with your proposal. 

Prepare a dedicated operation and installation manual for the system, including technical drawings and all necessary information and step-by-step guidence for programming and maintenance of the installation. We also offer assistance during installation via mail/phone/video meeting until commissioning is complete. 

Programming the lighting scenes and uploading to the controller during commissioning phase. The controller has 12 Standard scenes available (listed below) with an additional 13th scene to the clients request. Each individual controller has a maximum of 200 scenes. 

Standard Lighting Controller Scenes:




Site survey

In Thailand local IoT (Internet of Things) team is available to carry out an initial site survey on location together with the client. We can also provide this at a later stage in the project, however please contact our team to discuss your specific project requirements.  

We do not have a limit when it comes to servicing geographic regions outside of Thailand, however at this stage site surveys will be considered on a case by case basis. If this is something you wish to consider, please contact our team to discuss your specific project requirements. 

As our services are concentrated on lighting, we are not able to provide advice or services regarding construction or structural design related to the project. 

Standard survey questions