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Multi Color LED Lights


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Up until the early 2000’s any kind of colourful lighting was typically limited to theatre and performance applications. However as LED technology made significant leaps during that time, the realm of possibilities has since expanded to commercial, architectural and even domestic applications. As a result it is now common to see colourful lighting installations outside of entertainment districts and in areas where previously it was not feasible. 

A Brief History of Multi-color LED Lights

For those outside of the lighting or electronic industries, Light Emitting Diodes or LED’s may appear to be a 21st century invention. However LED’s were first created in 1927 and have been in development ever since then. 

Know more about LED Technology

Highest lumen output & most suitable light engine for the application...
When were Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) first discovered?

: Russian inventor Oleg Lesev published theories and creation of the first LED in 1927

Where were the first LEDs commercially available?
: Nick Holonyak develops a red LED in 1962 – the first to produce light within the visible spectrum – and the first LED is commercially available. 
When was the first functional blue LED lamp developed?

: Herbert Maruska and Walden C. Rhines at Stafford University create a functional blue LED in 1986.

Where were the first LEDs used?

: The first LEDs were used as indicator lamps in the first computers developed by IBM.