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What’s The Difference Between Colour Change LED Lights And RGB LED Lights?


Thanks to advancements in lighting technology, LED lights have become a ubiquitous part of the professional and consumer lighting landscape. Over the past 20 years the majority of traditional lamp sources have been replaced by more efficient, more powerful and more flexible LED lighting solutions, leaving only a handful of situations where the traditional alternative cannot yet be replaced or superseded. 
But with the saturation of LED lights across all marketplaces, so to is the proliferation of competing terms and labels that both professionals and consumers now have to navigate. Colour Change LED Lights, RGB LED Lights, Colour Change RGB Lights, LED Colour Change LED Lighting, it is difficult to know where to start and understanding the difference between colour change LED lights and RGB LED lights. So lets begin with the general term of colour change LED lights.

Colour Change LED Lights

Colour Change LED Lights are – as the name suggests – LED lights that have the functionality to change colour. This typically involves cycling through a range of colours in the visible light spectrum that are created through a combination of additive colour mixing. As opposed to subtractive colour mixing that we are familiar with from painting by mixing red, yellow, and blue – or the printing press that mixes Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – additive colour mixing involves the combination of Red, Green and Blue light sources, at varying intensities, to produce the desired colour outcome. This originated in stage lighting through the use of coloured filters, however today we know this combination of Red, Green and Blue, or RGB when applied to Colour Change LED Light sources. 

What is the difference between Colour Change LED Lights and RGB LED Lights?

As you have probably guess by now, the short answer to the question: What is the difference between Colour Change LED Lights and RGB LED Lights? Is that there is no difference, Colour Change LED Lights by their nature are RGB LED Lights. Without the combination of Red Green and Blue LED modules it would not be possible for Colour Change LED Lights to in fact change colour.

RGBW Colour Changing Lights


How do RGB LED lights change colour?

: Through the use of additive colour mixing, RGB LED lights can produce a vast range of colours within the visible light spectrum.

Are there RGB LED Lights available that do not change colour?
: Is it possible for RGB LED lights to be manufactured and only switch on to one colour, however in the majority of cases, RGB LED lights are colour change LED lights by design. 
What differentiates one colour change LED light from the next?

: Not all colour change LED lights are the same and not all RGB LED lights cycle through their colours using the same technology. The control gear connected to the light fitting will determine the level of control that an end user has over the colour changing of the RGB LED light. To learn more about the possibilities, get in touch with one of our dedicated COLOR Lighting specialists.