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Color Changing LED Recessed Lighting


Why might you want to consider color changing LED recessed lighting on your next project, and what benefits can color changing LED recessed lighting provide that conventional LED recessed lighting can’t? Let’s find out!

LED Recessed Lighting

With advancements in LED technology providing lower power consumption, longer life, reduced maintenance times – and wide adoption lowering the entry level costs – it is clear to see why LED lighting has taken the industry by storm. 

When it comes to recessed lighting, LEDs offer an additional advantage thanks to their compact size, enabling them to be utilised in areas where it previously would not have been possible to recess a conventional lamp enclosed in a luminaire housing. 

Color changing LED recessed lighting takes these benefits one step further allowing mood and atmospheric lighting to be installed in more discreet and difficult to access areas. 

Color Changing LED Recessed Lighting

Hotel, restaurant and bar lighting is one area that hasn’t been afraid to play with colour and light to create unique atmospheres and moods to better accommodate their clients and customers. Interior architects and furniture designers have taken advantage of the minimum space required by LED lighting, allowing it to be better incorporated into cabinetry
and interior details. 

The provision for colour changing LED recessed lighting now means that the range of options as increased further.
Where previously a restaurant or hotel lounge could only dim their lighting to influence the atmosphere, now it is possible
to play with colour and truly transform the space. An environment that is light and open during the day with bright white light, can become a very intimate atmosphere, with low level lighting, hints of deep amber and red, for a very moody experience. Without the need for additional hardware, since the RGBW technology is already incorporated into the fittings themselves. 

If you would like to know more about how color changing LED recessed lighting can inspire your next project, please contact our team of dedicated color lighting specialists. 

What equipment is needed for LED Recessed Lighting?

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In what way is LED recessed lighting an improvement over conventional lamp types?

: LED recessed lighting requires less power and doesn’t require as much space to be installed.

Which applications already utilise a lot of color changing LED recessed lighting?
: Hotels, restaurants, bars were some of the first to take advantage of colour changing LED recessed lighting. 
What benefit does color changing LED recessed lighting offer to a project?

: Color changing LED recessed lighting provides the opportunity to dramatically influence the mood and atmosphere within a space.

Why do interior architects and furniture designers favour color changing LED recessed lighting?

: The reduced profile of color changing LED recessed lighting means that less space is required when integrating light within the architecture or furniture of a room.