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Color Changing Pool Light


Pool lighting doesn’t serve the same practical function as perimeter lighting for safety and vision, however it can uniquely influence the mood and atmosphere at night by illuminating the water. Pool lighting also allows owners to take full advantage of their pools during both the day and night. Although it is possible to use the pool at night with the surrounding illumination, lighting within the water provides that additional visibility, particularly at the deep end of the pool.

Color changing pool light

In much the same way that outdoor colour changing light can create unique atmospheres and moods above the water, colour changing pool lights perform the same function within the pool itself. Not only illuminating the pool a solid colour of blue, green, or red for dramatic effect, the ability to change colours and create dynamic lighting scenes adds an additional level of playfulness and flexibility to the pool environment. 

Advantages of LED color changing pool lights over traditional incandescent

Life of an LED is typically 50,000 hours as opposed to an incandescent which burns for around 2000 hours. Averaging this over the course of the year, anticipating that the lighting will be on for 2 to 3 hours per day, means that incandescent lamps will need to be changed approximately once every
2 years. When swimming pools already require a great deal of maintenance throughout the year,
not having to worry about changing the lamps is a great relief. 

LED sources consume significantly less power than incandescent lamps, typically saving around 80% of the power. With the savings already made through the reduced maintenance intervals, the reduction in power consumption is also a welcome benefit for the lower power bill. 

Incandescent lamps do not have the facility to change colours in the same way that LEDs do. Although it may be possible with complex mechanisms or simply static colours through the use
of filters, RGBW LEDs are able to change colours with ease by design. 

LIGMAN Lighting have a number of underwater pool lights available with RGBW LED sources, allowing residential facilities and commercial projects such as hotels and resorts to benefit from the advantages that colour changing pool lights offer. 

How did LEDs emerge?

know more about the brief history of multi-color LED lights.


What can colour changing pool lights provide for a project?

: Colour changing pool lights can greatly enhance the swimming pool experience, by influencing the mood and atmosphere of the pool environment. 

Why are LEDs better for pool lighting than conventional incandescent lamps.
: Reduced maintenance intervals, lower power demand, and the ability to colour change.
Does colour changing pool lighting need to be programmed?

: There are standard programs that ship with the lighting controls, however custom scenes will need to be programmed. Please contact one of our specialists for more details. 

How can the colour changing pool lighting be controlled?

: Colour changing pool lighting behaves in the same way as other LED lighting, and can be programmed with lighting control system for the rest of the installation.