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4 Reasons Why You Should Install Colour Changing LED Lights in Your Home


Colour changing LED lights are a unique and effective way of illuminating your home. Here are four reasons why you should install colour changing lights in your home.

1. Colour Changing LED Lights Transform Spaces

One of the easiest and most effective ways of transforming a space is through the use of colour changing LED lighting. Observing the natural cycle of daylight move through a space it is easy to see what an impact this has on the appearance of a room. Applying this to colour changing LED lights opens up limitless possibilities for saturated colours, animated lighting, and creating scenes for different occasions within the home. What would take days or weeks of repainting and redecorating can happen in a matter of seconds thanks to colour changing LED lights in the home. 

2. Colour Changing LED Lights Add Value

Much in the way that a state of the art kitchen with high end appliances can add value to a home, so too can colour changing LED lights. The flexibility of a colour changing LED lighting system, with scene selection, programming, and automation, is a valuable addition to any home, combining both technology with luxury in a way that can be either subtle or extravagant depending on your taste. 

3. Entertaining and Special Events

The integration of colour changing LED lights within your home enables the transformation of your lounge or dining area into an immersive environment for entertaining and special events. No matter what the occasion, colour changing LED lights make it possible to create the exact mood and atmosphere you are trying to achieve, that would previously only be possible with theatre lighting or hiring equipment. 

4. Minimise Blue Light Exposure

We know that it is important to minimise or eliminate screen time before we want to go to bed, if we don’t want the blue light exposure to disrupt our circadian rhythms and keep us awake for longer. Many phones and laptops now have a night-mode option to reduce the blue end of the visual spectrum which is known to be problematic at night. The same colour changing LEDs which exist in our devices can also control the level of blue light exposure when installed in our homes. Utilising colour changing LED lights in the home, it is possible to cut out blue light in the evenings, whilst still providing sufficient illumination in the home, preserving the sleep wake cycle and creating a more relaxed environment. 

Colour Changing LED and Well Being


Why should I install colour changing LED lights in my home?

: Colour changing LED lights provide a range of benefits from transforming spaces and adding value, to improving sleep by reducing blue light exposure.

How can colour changing LED lights add value to my home?
: Colour changing LED lights provide increased flexibility and control of the lighting within the home, allowing each space to be uniquely programmed to suit the occupants individual needs. 
Can colour changing LED lights in the home improve my sleep quality?

: When installed as part of an automated home lighting system, colour changing LED lights can reduce or even completely eliminate the blue light component in the evenings, to prevent disruption of the circadian rhythm.