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Designer 2

Designer 2,  is a powerful program with an intuitive graphical user interface that allows even new users to start work immediately and takes them through each stage of their lighting project. It also has a vast array of precise control options and features for advanced users to experiment with on their larger lighting and video installations.


Designer 2 offers a logical workflow through a series of screens that help you build up your lighting project step-by-step. Most basic operations are just drag-and-drop and quick setup dialogs help you get started. But our software also provides many customisation options and powerful tools for achieving results fast.


Try out the look of your programming or the logic of your show control using the integrated Simulation. Individual timelines and scenes can be viewed, or you can simulate the complete project, including the effect of any of your programmed triggers. When you are working onsite then Output Live allows the simulation output to be sent directly to the Controllers to help you quickly refine your looks and timings.

          Timelines and Scenes

Designer supports two approaches to programming, which can be used together. Timelines allow you to create dynamic, time based effects and layer multiple effects on top of each other and after each other. A scene is a single look that can be used as a building block within timelines or recalled directly as a state.

                 Pharos Trigger

Timing is everything. Whatever the stimulus, Pharos Trigger can handle it. You can control your lighting with responsive, reactive programming. Pharos Trigger is a rules engine that uses conditional logic and a broad range of interfaces and protocols. Send and receive any command, to and from any system. Conditional logic is supported, along with a powerful built-in scripting language for unlimited flexibility.

                Interface Editor

Build your own user interface for the Pharos TPS using Designer’s built-in Interface Editor. Create multiple pages of lighting controls including buttons, sliders, keypads and colour pickers, and configure their appearance and visual feedback. Make it eye-catching by importing your own graphics or picking from one of our attractive themes.

              Pharos Mapping

Design the big picture; control every pixel. 
Create a 2D map of your lighting fixtures within the Designer software, then use Pharos Mapping to create visually striking effects or play video across the entire array. Powerful controls allow you to build maps fast with pixel precise adjustment.

Key advantages of Designer 2

  • Intuitive graphical drag-and-drop user interface
  • Access to a cloud-based library of over 13,000 lighting fixtures
  • Timeline-based programming with many built-in effects
  • Special features for handling large arrays of colour-mixing LED fixtures
  • Import video clips to create exciting dynamic lighting effects
  • Powerful show control functionality, including conditionals and scripting
  • Simulate the whole project in software before going onsite
  • Multi-screen support – pop out any tab into its own window
  • Open multiple projects and copy and paste between them

System Requirements

Minimum hardware requirements

Intel Core i3 processor or above
1GB free hard disk space
1024×768 screen resolution
OpenCL 1.2 graphics support (for VLC/VLC+ simulation)
Network connection (for connecting to Pharos hardware)


Supported operating systems

Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (64bit)
Apple Mac OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion) – 10.12.x (Sierra)

Recommended hardware

Intel Core i5 processor or above
1920×1080 screen resolution