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Colour Changing Downlights


Its difficult to imagine a project that didn’t have any downlights. With the availability of colour changing downlights such as LADOR and ODESSA from LIGMAN Lightings exterior surface mounted range, it is possible to add playful elements of colour to any lighting installation.


What was once the realm of facade lighting and performance lighting, RGBW LEDs now mean that colour changing downlights are a reality. This means any space that was previously illuminated through the use of downlights, can now easily incorporate colour changing as part of the concept and installation.

Corridor Lighting with Colour Changing Downlights

Corridors are places of movement that allow people to transition from one place to the next. The lighting to these areas also supports this function, whether by linear lighting to the space or punctual downlights creating rhythm and encouraging movement. By introducing colour changing downlights, an additional level of interest can be created. Colour changing downlights can follow the movement of people in the space, fluctuate in response to the amount of activity, or simulate the direction of flow through the use of DMX and lighting control.

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Surface exterior downlights

Covered Outdoor Areas and Colour Changing Downlights

It is not uncommon for a large covered outdoor area, such as an under covered market, to be illuminated with a grid of exterior downlights. With the inclusion of DMX control each individual luminaire can be switched and dimmed to suit the use of the space. Now that RGBW LED colour changing downlights
are also a possibility, not only can the downlights be switched and dimmed, they can also colour change. Creating an incredibly versatile and vibrantly illuminated space.

The advantage of such colour changing downlights is that they also function perfectly as regular white light downlights, complete with a comprehensive range of beam angles – narrow, medium, wide, very wide, and elliptical – providing ultimate flexibility in how the space will be utilised.

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Changing Lights with LIGMAN Lighting

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I know about colour changing facade lighting, but it is possible to also have colour changing downlights for interior environments?

: LIGMAN has a growing range of interior luminaires including colour changing downlights with tunable white technology.

Why would I want to have colour changing downlights in my project?
: Colour changing downlights enable interior environments and their inhabitants to benefit from the positive circadian rhythm benefits that colour changing downlights can provide
How can I have colour changing downlights and still have functional white light?

: Colour changing downlights utilise RGBW which provides the benefits of colour changing technology and the high output of white LEDs for the best of both worlds.