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Colour Changing LED Ceiling Lights


Research continuous to prove the positive correlation between light and health. As it isn’t always possible to provide access to daylight, the use of colour changing LED luminaires and ceiling lights is making it possible to overcome the problems associated with long term exposure to static artificial lighting, which is proven to disturb our natural circadian rhythm and in some cases can lead to a myriad of health problems.

Health Facilities and Colour Changing LED Ceiling Lights

Colour changing LED ceiling lights are also improving the lives of hospital patients and visitors to wellness facilities by making people feel more relaxed and at ease, reducing the stress that often accompanies visits to health facilities.

LIGHTCARE by LIGMAN recognises this link and is actively investing in this field of lighting.

LIGMAN’s LIGHTCARE are Denmark’s leading knowledge-based innovation company specialising in unique light concepts for a wide range of areas, including: health and care, trade and office, education and industry. LIGMAN’s LIGHTCARE are known for innovative design solutions with a high quality level supported by user-friendly hardware and software.

Colour Changing LED and Well Being




Colour Changing LED Ceiling Lights like MALMO, ARDEN, and PITTSFIELD, available in both recessed and surface mounted versions, mean that
the therapeutic benefits of colour changing LED lighting can be brought into hospital and health care environments. Enabling both staff and patients
to benefit from the colour changing LED technology.

It is hoped that by using colour changing LED ceiling lights which respect our natural circadian rhythms, our overall general health and well being will be improved, problems with sleep will be reduced, and advancements in lighting technology will continue to benefit mankind as a whole.

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Understanding about colour changing led ceiling lights related to circadian rhythm.


Why are colour changing ceiling lights important for interior projects?

: Research into the use of colour changing lighting is continuing to prove that colour changing lighting can help improve the general health and well being of people who are exposed to colour changing lighting.

What exactly can colour changing ceiling lights help with?
: Colour changing ceiling lights can assist with regulating our natural biorhythms and in particular our circadian rhythm that regulates our sleep and wake cycle. Static artificial lighting has proven to cause problems which colour changing lighting is hoping prevent.
Are there any examples of colour changing ceiling lights from LIGMAN for use on my next project?

: Colour Changing LED Ceiling Lights like MALMO, ARDEN, and PITTSFIELD are available in both recessed and surface mounted versions. Visit LIGMAN COLOR for a full range of colour changing options.