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How To Reduce Unpredictable Costs Of Energy Consumption With Luminaire Replacement


There are many unpredictable costs in a building project. The overhead running costs are one of the easiest to overlook. Although the lighting within a typical project only accounts for 15% of the overall power consumption, through luminaire replacement, it is possible to further reduce the unpredictable costs of energy consumption.

What are the unpredictable costs of energy consumption?
If your home, office or development is still using incandescent or fluorescent lighting, then it is likely you are spending more on electricity for your energy consumption as a result of the lighting. Most if not all new projects have eliminated this unpredictable cost of energy consumption through the use of energy efficient LED lighting. Unfortunately there are still many existing projects throughout the world which rely on using legacy lamp technologies such as tungsten halogen, high intensity discharge (HID) and metal halogen lamps to illuminate their spaces. 

This also does not take into account the additional costs associated with lamp replacement and regular maintenance that is required when using old lamp technology. LEDs use about 75% energy than halogen lamps and last 5 to 10 times longer. Which not only reduces the replacement costs associated with maintenance, but also the number of lamps requiring disposal of each year. 

So how can luminaire replacement reduce the unpredictable costs of energy consumption?
How can luminaire replacement reduce unpredictable costs of energy consumption?
Although the upfront costs associated with luminaire replacement may seem daunting, the long term benefits of luminaire replacement will ultimately result in a reduction of unpredictable costs of energy consumption.

As noted above, LEDs on average consume about 75% less energy than conventional halogen alternatives. Switching to LEDs makes an immediate saving on energy consumption through luminaire replacement. 

A less obvious way to reduce the unpredictable costs of energy consumption is through the use of a smart lighting control system. This can be as simple as dimming or switching off lights in spaces that are not in use, or more advanced scene design and lighting for specific times and events. Controlling switching times, regulating the lighting levels, and being more mindful about how lighting is utilised within a space will further reduce the unpredictable costs of energy consumption. 

If you’d like to learn more about how you can reduce unpredictable costs of energy consumption through luminaire replacement, reach out to one of our specialists who can help with your unique lighting needs. 

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What are some of the unpredictable costs of energy consumption?

: The ongoing overhead costs of an installation are often overlooked and for many include the unpredictable costs of energy consumption. Continuing to use old lamp technology or outdated control gear that needs replacing can often use more energy than more efficient updated technology would require.

Is luminaire replacement the only was to reduce energy consumption?
: In addition to luminaire replacement, some form of lighting control system is an additional way to reduce unpredictable energy costs. Whether something simple like motion sensor switching and dimming, or more sophisticated scene design and lighting controls. 
I'm curious to know more about how I can identify and reduce the unpredictable costs of energy consumption on my next project. Is there someone I can speak to about this?

: Of course, please contact your local LIGMAN representative who can understand your unique requirements and assist with the best solution.