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RGB Floodlights


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When powerful LEDs became commercially available, RGB floodlights were one of the first applications where this technology was truly embraced. Replacing halogen, metal halide and high-pressure-sodium lamps in floodlight applications, RGB floodlights offer a number of benefits that conventional lamp technology was not able to. 

Where RGB Floodlights Excel

When compared to their conventional counterparts, RGB floodlights offer a number of benefits over halogen, metal halide and high-pressure-sodium lamps. 

RGB floodlights consume much less power than traditional lamps, providing an immediate cost saving over
the conventional alternatives. The lower wattages also mean that the luminaires themselves will run much cooler, making them less dangerous than their powerful counterparts. 

RGB floodlights don’t have a warm up time and can immediately switch on – where as metal halide and high-pressure-sodium lamps need time to warm up, as well as cool down before they can restrike if they lose power. Not to overlook the lamp life of LEDs which is typically rated at 50,000 hours, allowing for less frequent maintenance intervals or replacement of lamps. 

Advantages unique to RGB Floodlights

In addition to the above mentioned advantages, there are a number of tasks RGB floodlights can perform that their traditional counterparts cannot. With DMX lighting control RGB floodlights are not only able to be dimmed, but can also change colour. Until RGB floodlights were available, the only way that a building 

or landscape could be floodlit with coloured light was through the use of filters, and even then the colour was fixed. With RGB Floodlights it is possible for the colours to change, blend with one another and perform a myriad of dynamic functions previously not possible. 

LIGMAN’s Range of RGB Floodlights and Projectors

If you are looking to include RGB floodlights in your next project, LIGMAN Lighting have a great number of options available in their catalogue, including
a number of luminaire families with multiple applications.

Find more RGB Floodlights

Find RGB floodlights and other projects in catalogues.


In what ways do RGB floodlights out perform traditional sources such as halogen, metal halide and high-pressure-sodium lamps?

: Reduced power consumption, cooler operation, longer lamp life, instantaneous operation, dimmable, colour changing.

Why are RGB floodlights a safer alternative to halogen, metal halide, or high-pressure-sodium?
: RGB floodlights have much lower power demands and the lower wattages mean that the fitting itself doesn’t get as hot as a traditional floodlight which produces a great deal of heat.
Will I be limited by the options of RGB floodlights compared to the traditional options?

: With the advancements in LED technology and rapid adoption by the lighting industry, there are now as many RGB floodlights available as white LED floodlights, with traditional lamps becoming less in demand each year. 

Have RGB floodlights eliminated the need for coloured lenses and specific lenses?

: Although RGB floodlights have replaced many filters and lens accessories, there are still some effects that cannot be replaced by LEDs such as chromatic filters and optical lenses. So it is best to speak with one of our color lighting specialists to best determine the ideal solution for your project.