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Facade Lighting Australia


Facade lighting is an important consideration of any project, whether it be a university, hotel and resort, or historic parliament house, each development
has its own distinct identity which the right facade lighting can support and communicate.

Branding, Identity, and Facade Lighting

The vision of the city at night has changed quite dramatically over the past few generations. Lighting the facade of a building at night was once a very costly exercise and not necessarily seen as a necessary. Now that corporate branding extends to identity architecture and our cities have become round
the clock environments, facade lighting is an important part of a buildings design.

Thanks to advancements in lighting technology, specifically developments in LED and RGBW fittings and luminaires, it is now easier than ever to implement a successful facade lighting solution that supports the architectural design, corporate identity, or institutional vision of a project.

Facade Lighting Australia

Swinburne University in Melbourne for example combines facade lighting with RGBW floodlights and projectors to not only illuminate the building at night, but also communicate the identity and branding of
the university. MIC floodlights and projectors are compact yet powerful fittings with a range of beam angles, RGBW LED and DMX/RDM lighting control
for ultimate versatility in facade lighting.

Floodlights, projectors

Riley Hotel, Crystalbrook Collection Resort in Cairns Queensland, also utilises colour floodlighting to communicate the hotel and resort branding, making it
a clearly visible landmark in the night cityscape. Illuminated using LIGHTALK wall washer floodlights,
the entire facade can be lit with minimal spill light outside of the building facade.

Wall washer floodlights

The there is Parliament House Adelaide. Designed in 1874 by Edmund Wright and partner Lloyd Taylor in Greek Revival style featuring ornate columns of the Corinthian order, the facade
is illuminated by QUANTUM floodlights and projectors, enabling the historic architecture to be appreciated during the evening
as much as during the day.

Floodlights, projectors

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