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RGBW Lighting


There have been incredible breakthroughs in the field of lighting design technology over the past 15 years. With the advancements in LEDs enabling them to surpass traditional lamps – such as halogen and metal halide – in terms of their usable life, luminous efficacy, and energy requirements, it was impossible to anticipate the ways in which
the field has developed as a result of this technology.

The first LEDs to make their way into the realm of architectural lighting were the RGB LEDs. Borrowing from the realm of entertainment and performative lighting, vivid, changing colours started to make their way into illuminating facades, public spaces and shopping facilities. The white LED was the last to join the race and the real game changer when it came to architectural lighting. Now that the technology is ever present, RGB LEDs are more commonly available as RGBW LEDs, incorporating a white LED  

in the cluster together with red, green and blue – providing a more comprehensive pallet of colours and a true white light when offered as RGBW lighting.

Now virtually any project or development can become an RGBW lighting installation, providing both the standard option of white light in a predetermined colour correlated temperature – warm, neutral, or cool – but then having the ability to incorporate saturated colour lighting environments everywhere that RGBW light fittings are present.

Meaning that coloured lighting can be a tool as part of any project. For example RGBW lighting in a boardroom could add interesting atmospheres for presentations and corporate events. RGBW lighting in hospitals can be used to relax patients who are enduring stressful situations. RGBW lighting within hotels and resorts can support the relaxed environment and be used to transport guests to other locations. The applications are now only limited to
the imagination of the end user when it comes to the possibilities of what RGBW lighting can provide.

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